We find La Kerschovas back from the Gates of Hell

Nuevo Orden huasteco vía La Central Huasteca Náhuatl.

https ://en .wiktionary .org /wiki /Tayikist%C3%A1n

For context, La Kerschova’s Tati™ bags where still steaming and La Juventud Venezolana at Champs Elysées, naturally, where were seen raising their monocle-free eyebrow and puffin’ 🌬️ through their OzzYko: “Aquí huele’Azufre! ».

I barely touched the Starship, Eye swear Superstar! And that’s not in vain.


(And, Cousin Joe, did Susan Page got get a cheek liposuction or is that just the haircut?

A quick programming note 🎶… and then you wonder why the Japanese eat their French students like raw sushi…

I’ll have the nipples with colitas de rana.


Anyhow, motherfucker. FUCK you, “i’m outta’ here”.

{And} Susan Page, relax, youse gonna look swell when primetime hits Hawaii.

— And, Sweet Mika on the Page nevermind The Irish…


As she [Denisa] crossed the ‘Trocadéro’, la Kerschovas was heard speaking out loud, “it’s always 1871! »… it’s the bottom of the FO’ist and Louise Michel is at the Mound, and Benny Blanco is on vacation in Paris.

Sources close to La Kerschovas relayed that she indeed smelt of Rayos ⚡ but nobody cares, sin embargo… I don’t know jack about Ramadan, but Eye, is told that it ends to They.

And in Hilo, Hawaii, it is time to jump to mañana 🌬️ Harry Potter is a fag🪄, period! — … but that is just because mister Macron cheated. Indeed his punk ass did, blocking all of the CASE ROLAS with gas lacrimógeno. What a pussy-punch. Must be a fan of Cognac. Pussy punch.

https ://www .telegraph .co .uk /world-news /2023/04/20 /ridicule-french-police-ban-pans-protests/

Shattered 🎉

It’s just a FART ON THE JOE, a fart on the Joe.

TimeStamp: 21h33 CET

Sad sight Under The Skirts of « La Dama de Hierro » porque ya no se puede cruzar libremente por debajo de sus putas cuatro patas… Los putos terroristas han ganado.

Baby… i’m coming up!

« All i need is a little Patience »… gotta keep those, vibrations, vibrations — etcetera, etcetera. ETCETERA.

« Patience—just a little patience ». TimeStamp: “Yam Yam”, NO VACATION. 22h06 CET.

In the mean time, The Monkees are rambling something about opportunistic princessesess’ or something like that. And Baby, the good thing about this blog is that the Frogs don’t have a NATIONAL Public Radio, eh… puro AU TOUR DE ROCK.

Nope, no Flavor Flav inside this cover Brigitte Nielsen… puros changos, eh!

“PATIENCE… just a little patience.”

Just a little patience.

… TimeStamp: The 11th Hour in CET.

El Segundo Piso…