Uno de febrero… y dos con Sal

Still to come on Ashley TV, “a shirt too large”… and in Kansas City, Claire McCass baked a carrot cake… my favorite, stick around because we are putting the finishing touches to that picture that the former senatx (for the LatinX crowd) requested from u.s., and boy does The Claire looks bare. In the words of the Cerf-panthère, “It’s a one for the…”, anyone? “Two for the show…”, Geronimo!!! “Three to get…”, 3, 2, what? Anyone?

The funds for the Spanish National Football Team’s fencing and ballet lessons came from a grant from The Switzerland after it was revealed that Juan Carlos the FO’ist,The FO’ist, Willie Geist, delivered a lot of money and loot to the Neutral Davos… AND WHAT’s MOORE NEUTRAL THAN An rfi snapshot, A Melting Pot(head) of course, JUST LOOK AT lo variopinto of all those names, from the Á (on the angel, sin tildar) to the little zeta on the Efé (aussie)sin tildar… and if you missed LAS EFéMERIDES from the first draft, Ashley Chevalier, here’s a time-delayed instant RamenDoodle.

https ://www .rfi .fr /fr /sports /20210131-handball-l-espagne-prend-le-bronze-au-mondial-2021-face-à-la-france

Quick Programming Note: a kind reminder to our sponsors at El Patrón’s house, i don’t select the news cycle and the theme is not improvised, think of it as building a newspaper with Tetris pieces.

https ://www /la-fondation-abbe-pierre /la-vie-de-labbe-pierre /appel-abbe-pierre-1er-fevrier-1954

Radio-Luxembourg, 1 de febrero 1954… for the previous 30-days winter was at its whitest, in other words, “Baby it’s cold outside” and so a French Abbé (you know, The Monk) was urged by a journalist to grab a mic and stir insurrection in the name of kindness (bondad, if youse a dirty Spaniard) .:. CBB348D3-7909-4D69-A623-CD9E82F1D8AB 🤾🏽‍♂️ The drama during the previous thirty days was not unlike like Whiteness doubling down on violence on the Asphalt of the current United States, the difference is that when it comes to dealing with winter whiteness one alone cannot reason with them flakes and ICE chunks, just like with them flakes and ICE chunk counterparts in the rank and file of racist police unions, so with that in mind… Yes, it’s true, we probably don’t deserve the space, but then you don’t know, « the rest of the story ».

In Sports, the French National Football Team looses Egypt to The Spanish Armada… those fucken’ Walt Disney Zorros! Nope it’s not what you think; i’m talking about a properly named sport, based on the motherfucking body parts that are used during the competition or friendly match, por ejemplo, Raquelito, check it out, the French didn’t go ahead and invented a set of hands to then go call the sport that uses said extremities attachments one-each Left and Right… and sometimes even ambidextrous to call the Superbowl a game of FootBall‽‽‽ What are you, like Canadians, or something!

Anyway, The France lost Egypt to The Spain, and there is nothing that the King Philippe V can do about it, The France must surrender the Obelisk at Concord Place to Madrid.

… previously on, “may i interest you in a Brazilian?”

Groundhog Phil follows.

Nueva York es un Helado y Francia parece UNA LAGUNA, hay 15° C en la Torre Eiffel and we begin Black History Month in: 

Wait for it, Willie Geist, wait…

Ahhhhh Fuck IT. We Beguine The Beguine in Guadalajara, que es un llano y México? Mexico is what? Memo, Mexico is to France what Torreón (The Watchtower) is to bodies of water, what?

Note to script monkees at the desk:

In local news, February 2 found the so called “winter truce” in France extended until the “surrender Summer”. Schoolyards will remain silent for an additional two weeks in February…

The following is General Arroyo’s reaction when he finds out that an Old Gringo and franco-brasilien Automobile corsair dried up Raymundo, El Palmito y hasta el mismísimo Nazas… de Natchez (if you are in on the joke).


— Mande usted mi general?

— En Dónde jodidos están los cocodrilos? Y El WaWa, El AGUA—chinga’o, quién diantres se la voló?

— Pos’ quién, mi general? Pa’que CEA’se‽

Pásame esa carabina, cabrón.

And now you know, how Televisa got it’s SHOCKolate Au LAIT for Five pieces of Quartz.

And now: Happy Birthday don Porfirio

… the good thing about this sequel,
is that Former Mexico President Vicente Fox,
does not watch, [and that is] because he already ATE his cake. He already went The Distance.

Jesus built my podium and China [BTW] sew together those flags. Those are the greatest flags… those flags are Premium Grade; Airline Magazine shiny paper gauge flags, I tell you… but you know, Brothers and Sisters —Let US hold our hands. [Jimmy, can you please play some R.E.M.].

"ese Cabrón trabaja más que un negro"… Vicente Fox: the more you knew.

“Ese Cabrón trabaja más que un negro**”, Vicente Fox: the more you knew.

Digresión before the show:

Journalism —and voting booth selfies are not a crime.

Buenos días Alegría… Buenos Días Señor Sol
Hola, Hoy se celebra el crepúsculo de una Independencia de 1810.
…Y del cumpleaños de un déspota que duró en su podium podio por 30 años.

… and now, Howard Dean —case in point— news: Cousin Joe writes a little Blog, about how right he is… Coming Up: The Show… Katy Kur has the morning off… but the Mighty Mighty Katy Tur  is  was in, to cover her shift. Combat Pay was earned for her reporting.

This is not your average New Jersey Shore games.

This is not your average New Jersey Shore games. | Uso justo de todas las flechas.


[Context —should— follow]. Stayed tuned… right now, the Animal House profe, is in.

INTERMEDIO with Cousin Joe:

The above screen-grab still needs some work… | Uso justo de MTV.

The ↑ above ↑ screen-grab ↑ still needs some work… | Uso justo de MTV.

…after the Break: Confessions of Regina Inés Barbosa Govea—major conocida— como Gina Montes; only on Señor Costa’s [“el” WaPo] del Washington Post].

La versión de 'te recuerdo Amanda' Version "El Tigre" Azcárraga.

La versión de ‘te recuerdo Amanda‘ Version “El Tigre” Azcárraga.

Meanwhile… back at ‘the’ FIP, los D-Jay de Radio France nos recuerdan que no es lo mismo una Cholada [o plebada] con su Michelada, que una Cholada con su Caravana

Brrrrrmmmm-Brrrrrmmmm… "Ya llego Niki Lauda, todo El Mundo está aquí"… Así lo dijo en un télénovela, La Ficha Amarilla, de Parchís.

Brrrrrmmmm-Brrrrrmmmm… “Ya llego Niki Lauda, todo El Mundo está aquí”… Así lo dijo —en Familia con Chabelo— Tino el de Parchís*. | Uso justo de Todos los Medios, y de la leyenda de Parchís… según el rumor de los molinos, a la Ficha Verde, el mundo de las finanzas la envolvió; mientras que a mi favorita [por ser la más atrevida] a ella dicen que la transformó el mundo de las télénovelas mexicanas —llevándola eventualmente hacia otras actividades más atrevidas… Me gustas ficha Amarilla por ser rebelde como un GTO. | Fuente del chisme: http ://www .que .es /musica /201408300900 -envejecido -integrantes -grupo -parchis .html

Mañana, jueves 15 de septiembre, es el regreso de vacaciones [en el mundo] de las manifestaciones.

[Time delayed memory from the Spring of 2016 follows]

“El próximo Toro”, le corresponde al Señor Fox… pero ahorita son las 1400 horas en la Europa Central, ahorita es la hora de las repeticiones. Nicole [BTW] wore her Le Mans [I love Steve McQueen] outfit today. The staff remains on vacation but, the replacements all agree— an apple a day, keeps the Doctors away. Cousin Joe, may i have an apple?

[Time delayed screen-grab follows]


Hola. Right now, don Chente está hablando como un verdadero señor del Consejo Empresarial… but, basically yes, Walls are Stupid, Ignorant and above all, Chinese and Russian made. | Fair use of the middle of the 1400 hours, on ‘the’ MSNBC.

… y colorín colorado, los cinco minutos de Fox irónicamente fueron una cátedra en progresismo disfrazado. Bravo! Sr. Presidente —¿o prefiere que me diriga a usted con el mote de C.E.O.?

Stick Around:
El Show de Fox aún no ha terminado…
La ‘otra’ carrera, la de los mexicanos,
arranca después del Día de Reyes 2017.
Esa contienda [seguro que] será un maratón que culminará
a mediados del verano de Twenty-Eighteen …

Cousin Joe, he will have to wait and see
what “The Upside of [that] Inequality”
will read like… more on that:

Only, on Aguascalientes TV. “La Señal de ellos”.

The checkered shirt files:

* Niki Lauda:

** Los negros de Vicente Fox Flashblack  Flashback to the Rev. Al Sharpton, on Vicente Fox: https ://www .google .fr /search?q =the+reverend+al+sharpton&ie =utf-8&oe =utf-8&client =firefox-b-ab&gfe_rd =cr&ei =YWnZV42nJMmCaOvqpIAF

Uso justo de un resbalón —ya— muy conocido.

Uso justo de un resbalón —ya— muy conocido.