Oh, boy… What would Larry do?

7 a.m. Central Europe Time

TimeNow: Veinte después de las ocho de la magnana, en Central Siren Time. Uso justo de todos los “handlers”. Dear, Magic Johnson, you know those cum stained mattresses—es–es at hotels everywhere? Wait for it, wait…

… oh, hey Hallie Jackson. Yes, indeed, it’s about 20 past nine. Indeed, sponsor of the Major League Baseball championship series.

Coming up on misread quotes:
It’s “the fight for our better Ángeles”
with Jon Meacham.
So, do Stick around.

but first, here’s a word from the MLB sponsor:

Dear, Mr. Johnson, Earving Jr.,
[In the role of Laundry Worker]

You of all people understand the importance that a super athlete like yourself places on clean linens and fresh towels when traveling from city to city. Entonces, “Magic”, with popcorn and soda pop for the matinee, in this day and age, did Ewe and the rest of the LA Dodgers owners really think that your Signature “no look pass” would fly past a picket line in Celtic territory?

It’s bad enough that the Dodger Stadium parking lot has a rather disturbing past, what with all of the expropiation and land grabs at the Chávez Ravine.

Atentamente: The Staff.

It’s 4 o’Clock in Central Europe Time

What situation?

Goooooooo Dodgers.

It’s a tale of 2 Bean towns,
but first, here’s the situation:
It’s like a Domino Effect,
pero aqui no ha pasado nada…
nothing to see here, move along,
Y’old shutterbug.

The Street is my Dark Room… No. 3 rue Pastourelle, 75003 — París. }—~~~\*>  foto: segoviaspixes [copy-left].  All the bad news coming out of The White House are property of The Guardian. Uso justo de todos los efectos dominó… but we [the staff] here are not talking about them “bones”. No, Sir, this here “do•mi•nó” is no table game; no, Sir, this here « dominó » es el pretérito en Tercera Persona del verbo transitivo DOMINAR. This thing here is a game of Power, not a game of “bones” and the motherfucking winner, the winner takes all.

… anyWey, hoy no hubo noticias,
TimeNow, Sad Mona on the desert road,
It’s half seas over the Sax,
or something like that*
in Siren Central Time.

Coming up on the BBC.
What is Macronism, and what in “the whole wide world of Sports” is a Blue Wave?

TimeStamp, one hour for JazzTime, —from abroad— como ya es hábito, “o como dicen los franceces”:
Eye did it My Güey y, —a mi manera, de ver.