Juanito lo arregla y Francia lo repara

Previously on “nosotros los guapos”, Juanito Guanavacoa andaba labiando con los de Burkina Faso, agora estó:

Take the pie, fuck the oat(h), join The French Navy at RFPP . net ⚓ bunch of fags… go Army de Tierra 🌎🌍

It takes a Village, people, to ethnograph oneself among the Very French. You must have a madrina status to get a güey with Guests.

Si Agua pasa por tu casa… never mind El Corazón, it’s “El Agua, Kate* de mi Cucharón”.

*~. Pronounced like de letter see in California.


After the break it’s Adolf Hitler tearing down them bouquinistes by La Seine.

Not to be outdone by Kim Gordon’s référence on Thurston Moore’s Thursday transmission with a Carpenters’ theme on the Sonic Youth version of Superstar, Juanito Guanavacoa brought in the sappiest French tear-jerker next to a bovine blue.

But first, Öüï revisit the time that The Pope from Varsovie was getting groomed by a radio jock, but that’s only because he was close with Los Tecos and Les Légionnaires du Christ en BOTZARIS, Puebla (75018).

Predator in plain sight… or is it just a Child’s imagination?

And on today’s edition of “Ustedes Los Feos”, Francisco Belmont³ plays the role of undefeated sexual predator “el más sabroso”, Sir Jimmy Saville (O.B.M)

³~. Chevalier de la Légion de Honoré en BOTZARIS 🎖️

🔨… baby, baby, baby, Oh Baby 🎶

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