Öüï now returns to “Parapandering in Paris with a loaded caulk gun”


“This could be a musical”, as heard on the MorjoShow, but seriously Volks, consider this an inter•mission.


SIRIUS(ly) I’ve got nothing. Not even that world famous free french heath care, and if your name is Prof. Johanne Poisson then you probably would know who’s on FIRST.

That’s right Dra., it’s that nº22, —catch!

I Reckon that Juanito Will Fix It, so “hurry up and bring yer Jukebox RSA”.

— All right Évry body it’s your cue to blow a fuse. And if Ewe knows how to play musical Chairs, then meet U.S. over at Cité. It’s 2014, 2012 and Brontis à la préfecture is demanding a Carte Vitale (because God forbids that someone actually brings his or her own health care to La France). Trou 🕳️ story.

Looking back, Dr. Poison, had I known that all I had to do was wait six months and then hook up with an integration association and sign-up for that world famous CAF, I would have gone to Spain, firstly and then I would have registered my bike there. Just like that nice Gentleman told us both when we met the Expression Latina crowd in 2011.


Ama’Terial Gewiya (Goy)


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