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Now Is Knot The Thyme To Talk About Red Lobsters At The Shitty Wök

What are the odds, Eye can’t even mention a fucking lobster ban without opening a can of City Wok, Jesus H. Fucking Christ. Anyhow, it’s the start of a three-they Hunter Moon, and in Paris, France, hoy no hubo noticias…


Any-hoot, it’s Aleister Crowley’s remembrance month and just in Thyme for Hello-Ween, tonight’s Full Moon will appear to hold until Tuesday’s Gone, Bay-Bee!

Issy, it’s Magick 🪄 not a stage act from El Teatro de los dos pueblos en Châtelet where it’s DICTÉE Day, y’all.

It’s Magick🪄 not a special engagement, Moon and Jupiter will be paired tonight.

It’s 22:20 in CET, and I don’t have the slightest clue as to why tonight’s Full Moon seems to have a protractor-like shadow that nibbles the Earth’s nat-sat between its 5 and 7 o’clock. If you have a clear view looking N-E, perhaps you too will not believe your lying i’s.

Checking our handy-capable Star Walk app Öüï found the nibble monster, Issy-it’s-Ahfaken GOAT… 🐐


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