And, Katty Kay… Against Raytheon, and barbarism of course

In local news, Phat Basterd’ (that Sum’bitch) just happened to peek onto Marjo’s, (not the morjo’s) show. Now read here, Phat Basterd’:

Eye is only going to fingerbang the screen a couple of dozen times: stay away from the Marjo…Öüï don’t need another Banzaïï… nice look you got there Poilé, where d’Ewe get it?

Arlington, Texas (Southwest U.S.). RTX to release the Texas Rangers third quarter results after obliterating the Astros universe, Houston indeed had a problem. I mean the score of 11 to 4 is nice optics, but for, IT! To be accurate, the IDF propaganda section would have to add a zero to those 11 runs, and that is a conservative number providing first, that the IDF diligently dropped warning leaflets givivg INNOCENT Pale°es°tinians three steps like Skynyrd asked.

https ://www .rtx .com /news /news-center /2023/10/03 /rtx-to-release-third-quarter-results-on-oct-24-2023

And In Washington, Mika discovered porn, sources close to Willie Geist say that that motherfucker got a warm fuzzy…

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