Oh, the humanity… they shot the camera man!



1971 In Washington, D.C., the John “Fucking” Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is inaugurated.

Fucking, KENNEDY!!! Who booked this brand twice on to theys knews??? WHO?

—1972 – Kennedy, Trump-enabler radio and television host for the FOX Network. She loves France, hence loves to suck coq 🐓.

This is El Ey


September 8 marks International Journalist’s Day in tribute to Czech journalist Julius Fučík, executed by the Nazis on September 8, 1943.


One year later, more less, President Ford (N° 38) sprays Richard Millhouse Nixon with subtitles spray and that motherfucker developed a poop 💩 and flowers 🌹 smell that remains, even after the 50th Anniversary of the Víctor Jara’s jubilee at Saint-Michel.

1974Watergate tresspass: US President Gerald Ford signs the pardon of Richard Nixon for any crimes Nixon may have committed while in office.

2022: Isabel II, British aristocrat, Pinochet lover, and yes… reina del Reino Unido entre 1952 y 2022 dies in her sleep, no Corgi wept that day … even if the BBC tried to convince y’all that she did.  (Born in 1926).

Lip-synch the choreography and nix the subtitles en versión original, call it an “Homenaje” and charge 25€ for an empanada and a glass of cheap red wine. Make it payable for the Victor Jara ensamble en París.

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