Deer, “de la Soul” if that is even your wallet at El Segundo

“I been here before”, and I pity the fool who negates that Latin Jazz, and jazz… comes from Ah-Freak—Ah.

Mulatu Astatke

Good-bye to August.

Fuck you and the fip . fr — after party. Ewe cocksuckers remind me of the talent that graced Órbita 106.7 fm in Juárez, Mexico.

Hey, ha’Ya doin’?

For the record… Fuck you, at La Villette, Jazz is Dead3, bunch of national sport suckers 🐓… come next week these coq suckers are going to be on the streets like bums at the RSA 🎷🎺🎹🥁

Öüï the staff wood like, like would could — if a  would could Ever could — to disclose that Eye’ve just spent 17.5 h inside of the happiest place on Earth:


Entonces, señor Naja [IMER noticias], no es que no nos guste la lluvía, pero de cualquier manera, — ¡chinguén a su Madre!… No usted, sino las noticias.

Y aquí, le expresó por qué³

El Bongoro.

She insisted that Eye interact with them nipples. Don’t blame the messenger, just doing my job.

³.~. Porque ya lo expresé un chingo de veces.

With that in mind, now that the French are gone from your little happy tourist trap, WHAT DID YOU DO this Vacances.. did you get a pantalón y 30 pesos for yer’ cum?

A trade mark, of a cult organigramme, is to have IMER NOTICIAS to periquear AMLO’s message on LA HORA NACIONAL. !Viva Francia y sus pinches pobres del 106.7 fm!!!” IMER YUCATÁN… continuamos and for the record, it was Orbita’s DJ, Julio Guereka who said the part about “PRIMERO los pobres” not me (Armando Serrano~Prieto), further-more… CHINGUEN A SU MADRE LOS DE MOLOTOV³. Thanks for the double tickets for the show, but I don’t wanna go.

³~. Feliz Cumpleaños a William Briseño en Yucatán 92.9 fm… ya es 1 de septiembre.

… Freddy Cats en Montreuil (93) y sus pinches “Cholos Re-loaded”, guest star.

[ Infrastructure is missing ]


This , 🔼 is a college degree.

Or, no pun intended… Got your subsuelo sold to a Canadian mine 👹.

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