It’s the sweatband of Africa… and Phat Basterd’

Un Hidalgo… por aquello del que deje algo…
En fin, Mme. ministre de La Culture, please be advised that I don’t select the things, themes or trajectories of a They in The Life of Pont Neuf, case in point, it’s an interesting contrast to see Queen B and her husband on the bridge while at the same time accros the street on la rue Honoré, them 99 problems outside of the gates of La Comédie Française were being cleared from the public’s prying eyes. Oh, the humanity.

https ://www .culture .gouv .fr /Actualites /une-programmation-feminine-et-inclusive-au-Palais-Royal

 — Any how… if yo’Phat-ass wants more, stop using intermediaries! Not With Standing, here’s The Muppets Show, you Phucking cubicle-boy.

In the meantime go to hell.

France Music Must Die. Fuckers can’t play Rock and Roll, period!… This message is approved by NPR and an 8-second ride.

A Closer Luc… and there was 🎵 and Quincy Jones was no Where to Be found. Shhhh… ears have walls, and vice-versa, Aussie! Australia is the Enemy.

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