And Starring as El Niño Luc… Igüanna Be Napolitano

Ladies in Gemini, check you exaltations and there you should find your domiciliations of the Stars.

You need schoolin’… Tu abball’ o’ rock’n’roll
Tu gioch’ a baseball
Ma ‘e sorde p’ è camel
Chi te li dà
La borsetta di mammà


Blame it on You Too. It’s not like Bono didn’t spark the anger of Don Goyo at the Puebla Pavillón en BOTZARIS, The Cliff warned that faggety Edge 🎸 about updating to the Times. What was Clay thinking when the drummer tapped to a different beat than what actually happened on Bloody Sunday?

Un garçon de 11 ans du Mississippi qui a été abattu par un policier après avoir appelé le 911 est sorti de l’hôpital

And so… Now Öüï’s gonna have to update 🕖

911’s A Joke In Jo’s Town 

We did not miss the big elephant … I simply chose not to cover its positioning.

Surprise : Gustavo Dudamel quitte l’Opéra de Paris, sources close to Maracaibo (emoji flag not available, it’s basically the Russian Federation flag with Las Tres Calaveras Cara-Bellas logo on its upper-Mast side) relay that if Mr. Duda Mel wanted to be listened, watched and oggled All Day and All of The Night, Mr. Duda Mel would have had his nuts cracked in Caracas 🇻🇪, period or anywhere in the quadrant of La Colonia Juárez.

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