Pédagogie sincronizada : Queso y Jamón

For the record, by the time Windows 🪟 95® was rolled-out, Soldier of Fortune© magazine was as obsolete as a goldfish staring at a CRT. Now, to put it another way, it was kin to what happened to The Yellow Pages™ and the classified department at Évry newspaper in the developed world, in other words, Christian quackery was placed on a flat-earth screen for all to see. America On Line…



“Qu’elles vendent des culottes”
Ana 🏃🏾‍♀️ Guevara… Mexican Olympic Champion.

Previously on Denisa’s Chongo Suelto…

Was that ‘calzones’ you said?… Might those be like the Ones that El RANCHERO wears, or the gorditas that them Italians, eat in Brooklyn? Aquí tengo hasta para llevar… Grabiel-ita.


Öüï last left La Kerschovas dropping her Tati™ bags as she was about to get down with two toads 🍄 who were tauntingly giving Denisa the Run-around, little did those silly guards know that La Kerschovas comes from the very lineage that took care of Tristan Eugen in Tschecoslovaquia-sur-Bohème.


~. Also known as, The Butcher of Prague and/or The Blond Beast, among other pretentiously faggety nicknames.

Just like Ana Grabiela Guevara… she was a champion of the people that she represented, but then she re-districted her ass to a new Castle en Las Lomas.

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