Ladies in Gemini: R y G

BONG đź””… 🇨🇱 A RAYA… AS per his OZZYNESS request, below you will find the Line, would you like me to PLOT you the motherfucking ARROW?

Ni en su casa los conocen but they Shure sell a lot of French Tacos. Dyslexic folks think Axl got a gun.

Grabiela’s process… It’s not easy, being from Guanajuato.


Axl got a gun. C’mon all together now, what kind of pretentious blog would Ă–ĂĽĂŻ be if we did not relay Mexico in France in real time.

Pásele Grabielita, pásele a lo barrido. Hay de Tripas, Pancita y de machitos. Pásele wüėrã and nevermind the funny accents on the Bowels.

Jump to mañana. You fucking Mexicans… Only know South of Samalayuca! đź‘ż I want TESTAMENT!!!

¡Que chingue a su madre el hijo de Jodorowski³!

Step right in, because El Duende Is about to liberate a Platypus from La LibertĂ©… If only The Paris Tourism Board had the fucking imagination, here’s Deaf Front-man Tom-A-raya showing GRABIELITA how to catch a Duende.

For the record, Évry-motherfucking–Square micrometer south of TJ is HEAVEN. Évrything north of Calexico is the occupied territories.

Los Dugs-Dugs will do in a Rancho in Durango… you fucking Mexicans. Rock bajo rĂ©pression 1968. Enjoy your EuroStar to London. I will see you in November.


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