50 Ways To Leave Your Pundit — They Oh, de’Eh-eh_Yo

Suck my… Ewe know :

Shut yo’Mouth!

I’m Talkin’ About SHAFT!

Let’s Get It On!

C’mon girl, don’t pretend like I Didn’t Warn you yesterday at the 4 o’Clock hour that Marvin was about to keep getting it on, HEP Mí now.

Let’s Get It On. Never mind Carrot Top 🪄 I’m with him —» 🃏 Mamon Tostado comes courtesy of Javier Solís, “Eh-AH! ».


Breaking news from Spain. Breaking news from Spain. Breaking news from Spain…

Benicio del Toro (¡Olé!) might very well be back in The United States in América, but Fenster the copywriting guru with only Fo’fingers just uncovered General Francisco Franco’s love letters to el Rey Juan Carlos… asesino de su Hermano (CainAbel³) y los cotejados de dichas letras a su amante, el Presidente Augusto Pinochet.

LOS Hijos del Topo, volumen III.

Along with that stash, Fenster also found a Margaret Thatcher’s translation of Franco’s smut, addressed to a young Prince Charles.

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