Don’t look for INDIGO on that PRISM it’s M.I.A.

U.S. and Them…

Amy, Amy, Amy… I’m your magiK 🪄

Must be the season of the Witch 🧹…

And Nathalie Piolé, as you were Love… “Let Mí tell You [dha’rLing] how it will be,” ‘cus Eye is the TAXMAN… Ji, ji, jí, —he 💋

Don’t forget your deductions, which knowing you freaks, Eye knows that y’all are going to make, eh?


Harlem! Man, Bubba there OWES Mí FIVE Bucks from back in the They in Arkansas.

Meet me at The Doors, and leave the broom with them “Broken Glass” groovy-funk Valet Parking Ensamble.

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