¿Tacopina?… never ho’id of Em#, pass the Salsa

Tacos Al Pastor… los tacos 🌮 que llevan piña 🍍, you betcha! And if youse gonna pay, pay with cash, I’m serious, unless you want your next charge to arrive from Romania.

https ://insightcrime .org /news /romanian-mafia-atm-skimming-mexico/

After the break, ¿What’s next for Philippe Martinez? Talk show host at BFM’ER TV? Maybe, or maybe he goes to Mexico on an expedition tour.


And oh sweet Poisson d’avril, doña Vilma is Air-b-N bein her La Jornada column space to a pedagog evaluator, but don’t tell her that there is a new “dog” with a bone at the CGT via DEADLINE Wallace, who coincidentally is a bone with a bitch.

Paris burns and Macron stokes the fire
Tatiana Col

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2023/03/31 /opinion /022a1pol

… Eye gotcha!

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