Act IX… Where Were You While We Were Getting High?

—Ewe Basterd’, Eye asked for a fretless bass, not for freckles on that bass! Who’d the fuck did Ewe send on this mission, that Niño Luc without a Kay? Jesus fucking Christ! Ewe people, what are you, like reptile worshipers or something like that?


https ://mobile .🐦 .com /SegoArma /status /?s=20

« En raison d’un appel à la grève de l’ensemble des organisations syndicales portant sur le projet d’évolution des locales de Fip, nous ne sommes pas en mesure de diffuser nos programmes habituels. Nous vous prions de nous en excuser ».
La Croix
July 2017 

https ://www .la-croix .com /Economie /Medias /raisons-greve-Fip2017-06-27 –RAVACHE

I don’t practice Santería because it is all about the Base. Consider this 🌬️ draft a COTEJADO for Brontis à la préfecture.


And, Roxanne (not that one), have you seen the bridge? It’s a sight to see at about 500 theys, if you walk.

I’ll tell you what, Father James, nevermind that .300 average, I’m feeling like a .406 in 1941, and just to make it perfectly clear to that “fake master of indignation,” Joseph Charles Scarborough… the next spit-ball that you hurl at the plate is going to take you all back to the future of 2015, which is to say that I am not correlating what happened during the occupation of the Grand Palais to the “por menores” of le Grand Palais Éphémère at Champ de Mars.

Here comes the pitch…

After the bail-out it’s La Pundita Bonita Guignol Show.

Nice desk, if you can get it… in the U.K., eh!


Radio what?

— Head, motherfucker, radio head.

That’s FASCINATINGLY fascist. Thank doG, that Katty Kay, the BBC reconsidered.

Los monitos fait les Rulhes:

Live from Monterey (not that one)

Cherchez la femme, ‘Drew, cherchez las Rulhes.

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