Disjunxit Hoy Tomorrow Really Congunget³ — Los Hilos de Sasha Birthday Bash

Stargate (1994)… actually, SPADEer there arrives more like at the climax of 🏺 Aquarius ♒, which should be around the 7th, but I know jack, about Mr. Grey, ask his secretary, she likes to read the horoscope…🦯


Or something like that… People are People, dice David Franche from THEE Poly Tick Institute.

Context goes here for ‘PREMIUM SUBSCRIBERS…

 — 2019 – The first Supermoon of blood, an astronomical phenomenon, according to Wikipedia en Castellano, was followed by total lunar eclipse in Mexico, and the rest of América, Aussie.

However, if you are on the 🇲🇽 JUANITO 🇲🇽 GUANABACOA 🇨🇦 Canadian Stream Plan, worry KNOT because Öüï, the staff, have content to fill for Theys and fluff the news of today specifically for Ewe, because on a They like to They, the passing of the baton between a fish-tailed goat named ♑ and the fellow que siempre l’ANDA regando ♒ is taking place, notable on this brief junction before the disjunction of tomorrow was the CUSP between FINAL SOLUTIONS, on both sides of the 🌎 Atlantic 🌍 , “get it while you can”, Juanito. 

💨🎶 BECAUSE THE HOOK brings Ewe baaaaack ♑… Eye ain’t telling Ewe no lie.


Note to editors, if Ewe, motherfuckers, think that the French translation of Christopher’s job interview with 🇪🇦 Fernando y su vieja 👑 Is a run-on EFEméride, then you probably forgot TO FACTOR, like Cerf-panthère at 20minutes . fr often does, that little period when the French language had to join their ‘beautiful language’ in Ten kilometers intervals before a space 🌌 can be left blank between words, like them Krauts do.



Pico de Gallo courtesy of Mme. Du Moulin, née Antonia MORENO; 1885-1981. PARIS XX.


… And, Willie Geist, Ewe of all Peep’ol… Should know that Mika, does not approve of Centerfolds™️.

Here Öüï GO! Preach, Cousin Joe, Preach… You Mormon Chameleon, Ewe!

Any how, happening at Radio Franche later, in the PROGRAMMING is the Louis XVI They at la Maison de La Radio, to celebrate THE NUPES de colores is staging an over-time rendition of Thursday’s National Sports They Celebration. Jean-Luc Mélenchon y los Amigos de morena-Francia en Botzaris invitan.

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