I Left My Wallet In El Segundo… i gotta-get it, Eye, I gotta get it

It’s National Sports Day in La Franche, festivities got to an early start at la rue de Ravioli, and just around the corner, Willie and The Po’Boys just got ran out by a horde of derelikt fashionistas, later in the show it’s another edition of, “The Kids Are All Right.”

Happening over on the other hemisphere, Los Amigos de El Perú en Francia festejaron a lo grande las manifestaciones en Lima, desde aquí, en La Bastilla Al LADO de Georgina Moreno, y morena-francia.

Across El Sena, Susana Pubeda is setting up a bad example to RadioFranche, infidels the whole lot of Em#.

En estos momentos, como a sido costumbre desde los días de Ollanta y Sicilia en la Plaza de Trocadero en El 2011, ya están comodamente adentro de algún bistro parisino disfrutando de un bueno vinito, o algúna champagna. ¡Salud! Proceres de NATION.

And with that, don’t forget to take a pair of cheap eye goggles to the retirement protest today, because that French retirement ain’t going to do anything for you if youse blind as a bat (sans Radar) when youse Sixty FO’.

Capture-$hare…and list ten.


… [M]eanwhile, over at la rue Victoria, la Kerschovas failed the FitoZooSanitary inspection and off she went, along with her tent, un OMNI (objeto musical no identifiable) filled with strange looking multicolored freaks hoovered over the so-called “Dernier Bar Avant La Fin… », du El Mundo de Le Monde, and it should go without SPORTS, … It should go SAYING, —without Franche Culture, Aussie.


If and Only if… Youse in Paris XIIIème, it just started to snow, lightly though, but non-the-less it is, Eye Reckon, —Sno❄️

The snow didn’t last long, but the cold, at least for today is here to stay.

… Over at The Circus, Jennifer was, you know, looking like the Host with Rusty Eyes 👀… in reel time, and with low-hangin’ boobs, such as that lawyer who can’t even pronounce his last name (Se-BAH-YO’S) it’s Truth and Negligence, New Mexico.

Note to Danny Esquires, from Ceballos, Durango, entronque a La Zona del Silencio por l’Arteria de La Panamericana entre Torreón y (Ewe guessed it) Ciudad Ximénez, named after The Spanish Inquisition’s lead Cardinal at The BBC.

Meanwhile at Saint-Cloud, Manu Chao no podía encontrar el norte, y menos la carretera Panamericana 🪘🪘🪘 🐒

Any how, New Mexico,  Cunt…ry music 🎶 played on the radio when Bugs Bunny took that I’ll fated wrong turn in Albu’coiqué after departing from Cucamonga, on the foothills of San Bernardino Mountains at Mount Baldy, but that’s only because at CARLSBAD, it’s all BADLANDS… there’s enough guano under there to drive a Po’Bunny inSane.

A View from my office sliding door… GET OFF MY HEAT EXHAUST!!!

Issy, if Ewe has never been, the entire New Mexico State is almost like the SAN BERNARDINO, California, REDLANDS, but filled with a bunch of faggots with loud pipes… heck, in some Nuclear areas the Sands are whiter than the hard-core Fat Elvis fans at The Needles, in Vegas.

In Local news, Kanye West, or whatever alias he is going with after placing all his chips on Hitler, was spotted next to La Place Saint–Opportune opening his boutique for all the innocents around Châtelet… motherfucker is so Avant-retaguardia* that he drinks his champagne with Oreo cookies and Flintstones Vitamins for brunch

What A Difference a putsch 🍻 makes

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