Jean-Jacques Rousseau was a fag — YSL Aussi

Meanwhile, en la barrera de l’Ombre 🕴🏼 KERSCHOVAS set camp at Balard 🚇 M-Ate 🧭.

La ono⁰mato⁰peya de Zimmerman :
eN’ohhhhhhIorrez Mē’Kirida, Diáz nos Vigila, soon the horse will take us to Durango.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Motherfuckers:

Coming up on the Camelia de Malherbe Show, is the NUPES multi-colored Tutti 🟪🟩🟨🟧🟥♀️Fruti coalition vS the SNCF at Nation.

But FO’ist! It’s another edition of, “Eau, l’humanité », because Wan can’t literally make this French Content if Öüï wanted to.

https ://www .tf1info .fr /justice-faits-divers /paris-inquietante-fugue-trois-enfants-de-4-ans-s-echappent-de-leur-ecole-balard-dans-le-15e-arrondissement -2245319 .html

It’s l’arrondissement where Juanito Guanavacoa (formally of la Policía Judicial Aduanal Puertuaria y Fitozoosanitaria de Tijuana, Baja California, —Norte) was assigned Su-Su rez-de-chaussée Studio in Paname, and where coincidentally La Franche’s answer to the angles of The Pentagon at The Potomac was built just a few years back, the structure is called off-course, The HEXagone-sur-Seine, of course, and where… The Wanderers 🐿️🦫🦨🦔🐒, a local gang of baby-sitted 🐣 bobinos 🐣 took it upon themselves, (check this out, SoFy Velasco at rfpp . 🥅) To Just Say No to the so-called “fermeture” proposed earlier in the programming of Apolline Malherbe, by the Very French president of Les Republicans de la rue Convention (75015).

Le Coucou is the National Bird of all Squatty Squatting Squators 🪺, period!


Ay, van … como dice el mono de Au Cœur de l’orchestre, Belá Bartok: Ay’ Van Crescendo en la Fugue, esos Wüerkos… Franchutillos 🐣, really.

Dolores, Hidalgo… Estado de Cuernavaca en SICILIA.

It’s the Yves Saint-Laurent Show… For the record, I am the fellow who sleeps on the steps of your Emergency Exit.


Live from thee JOHANNE BULLAT TOWER at Cathy’s Abode in Châtelet-le-Serpent(1572) IT’S THEE PARIS FASHION SHOW.

And, Natalie Piolé … BOOM 💥


https ://www .cnews .fr /faits-divers /2023-01-17 /yvelines-un-enfant-de-2-ans-echappe-la-surveillance-de-la-creche-et-erre-30

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