For Tipsy with LOVE… brush strokes from the Blitz to Slaughterhouse Five

 🎪 Cirque du Soleil™🎪
 présents, LOVE.

With musical guest: SHINY HAPPY EYELIDS 

Over in Athens:

It’s 1960 and according to Wikipedia, Michael Stipe, an American singer-songwriter and producer, got his Crush. Over at Hardball, a viscious old Capitol guard from the Tip of Neal’s lips came out swinging at el Santos, George couldn’t cope, George looked at the mirror and turned into a salt mannequin, George couldn’t pass the mirror test. Matthews is a motherfucker.

It was cold ❄️ and that’s a Phact.

Ibid., page 🎱 Hardball.

… LoREM  ipSUM

Please visit the concessions STAND, while the Monster of Luna Park, New Jersey, cleans the Republican’s 🐘 mascot shit and blood from the main ring in The Tent 🎪.

Side Tú, Track Too of ”TRAGICAL 🚍 HISTORY 🛺 TOUR:

🇶🇦 W.C. ⚽ Fields Forever Follows on the Phat Basterd’ Show… and rfpp . net (if that is your real name), Évry time that one of your many tentacles de pulpo touches us, [the staff], a marbled godwit gets a ring from the Institute of Migratory Birds and other assorted Strangers.

Trying to see how the other 1% lives, —yeah!

F⚽F⚽F ⚽= HEX²/🥧

“Hello Get Lost”

Trombone Music Ono Band, in association with Plastic Wings Mattresses {and} Olivos mexicanos with Ringo Starr, present.

“Hey, Jude ✡️…

En este circo tú no tienes VELA…


Any how, “they’ve seen his pied 🦶🏻 before,” apparently the stranger next to the Publishing tsar didn’t notice that the Light 🕯️ had change.


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