Putas in Pink… Issy Sadie, —Youse Pretty et j’A Dor

“Ce qui (el mundo de)
Le Monde,
doit à La France

It’s Trou 🕳️! It’s Trou 🕳️!

MARIANNE, nº 1345/1346
Décembre 2022 – Janvier 2023

Serial killers, kidnappers, DiploMATS and off-Course, —Sexy Sadies in Pink.

Hello there monsieur Administrateur de Motel de Matiñon, Eye has, IT!, On good authority to confirm that in fact, —your “clutch” sucks air after the 62 Mile threshold, I Can See For Miles.

After de Break 🥁, it’s Pedro Picapiedras on the BBC, Issy, Eye can SEe 🙈 FO’Miles, my name is Muhammad Ali, nice to meet you Ferruccio, is that a real Miura youse 🐂 sketchin’ Dere?


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