Previously, on Fréquence Paris Plurielle, “La Mosca de SoFy”

Ned’s gone:
La DERnier du L’Equipe, page 32, “le dessin du jour par FARO”; “Mondial: le bilan du Qatar finalment positif”… in other words, « No Fue Penal! ».

Now because Öüï is not in the horoscope business, nor in the holier-than-thau morality of “the Left³”, Eye can’t tell you what Osler Amaro y la banda de Peruchos parisinos will be talking about, provided that first, La Emisión Américas, did not go on the Virgen de Guadalupe (puente) holiday (punto y coma) but if Osler Amaro y su Perla del Ceviche are in fact, committed to their Craft, here is a possible topic:

– Emission Americas complains that Juanito Guanavacoa (Mexican Embassy attaché) meddled with the aspersions on their Peruvian causa against CASTILLO on the RFPP’s asparagus.

Over at the Sports Page, “KILLED IN ACTION”, according to Artificial Intelligence on RFPP.  For context, a new technology in the “CHAT Box” business, not to be confused with a French litter box, because that’s where kitties go to do thier business.

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /nacional /2022/12/9 /el-nuevo-gobierno-de-peru-reclama-al-embajador-mexicano-la-injerencia-de-amlo-ebrard– 298419 .html

on the other hand (the Right) Osler Amaro y Su Causa Sin Patatas can just playback some SURFER MUSIC to fill their void, like the programmer at RFPP is doing right about now. In Other WO’ids, “HOY NO HUBO Emission Americas” en RFPP.NET, period!

RFPP 106.3 fm, get it while you can!!!“.

A They In The LIEf. Now Öüï know how many verdicts it takes to reference lo que Thomas Alva 🇵🇹 Edison le hizo a Georges Méliès 🚀 🌖.

Lord of The Flies… Öüï, that motherfucker,  apologizes for last night’s abrupt blackout of the transmission right before ClockWork Orange™ evened the score with La Argentina. For what, IT!, is worth, Öüï had already documented in so-many-words during the start of another match [ … ], about how the Chinese Government can’t shine a light at “The Place Where Éverybody Knows Your Name (MariWanEau)”, when it comes to pulling the plug on Apple News 📰.

For the record,

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