Previously on, St. Matthew’s Band fires up St. Elmo en un tono, 🌬️

… and, Nathalie Piolé, did you know that un ANTOINE ain’t nuttin’ but un 🌬️🎶 T O n O with a Warm (~) Fuzzy for Em(—)Dash over the eNe?


Cookie 🍪 Monster!

D’hagrlin, if you think that I went over my head, with your día~critical accent, the Night Before, that’s because I was scribbling, IT!, en Castellano; ISSY, GÜÏ always pronounce our 5th letter of your A, B, C, D, y … ¡COME 🍪 GALLETAS!

Anyway, Eye swears that Güï is knot parallelling Jack, but… “Play it Sam », Casablanca on both Sides of Atlantis are celebrating.

Tajín 🇲🇦 couscous foufoune (castor) and 🇧🇪 moules fish and frites 🍟.

In local news, Qatar just ran out of Maple Syrup, pass the salt.


Your wish has been denied… 🇲🇦 It’s a good thing that Antonio 🇪🇸 BANDERAS has nine lives.

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