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Eye is not engaged, Öüï is shifting one gear up on a downhill 🛷… I never owned a Radio Flyer™️ and yet I miss it. I even have nostalgia for one of #Em, though.

La Barbie is in Qatar enjoying the MATCHES, tan chulo güero, the kind of NuEro that Évry Chihuahuense parents wish for their daughters. The saying in Chihuahua and MORELOS is that the “bloodline” se mejora, or something like that.

And, in Georgia, USA, not in the former Stalinist Régime, it’s time for the last Election before BABYLON is in theaters… Mexicans and dogs are not allowed.

Take Five, until Mardi Gras.


APPLE DAILY in France, not in Hong Kong, follows.

This is how it starts, first, THE WHITE PEOPLE complain about the Mexicans and THEN, THE assembly takes the power chords away, and then The Red Cross becomes Catholic and racist like in the early 1940’s at Le Grand Palais in Paname ⚽.


Long-story parallel:

The crime of not having a “press badge” like Juanito Guanavacoa during the government of Mexico in 1986, but in PARIS, FRANCE, in 2022.

Pomme de Fa Fa… Croissant.


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