Go West!

Deer, Madame Hidalgo… did you instruct your minions to engage in Plan 5 from Outer Space?

Goooo Mika!

I’d like to think that you, Madam, have more güevos than that little fuck, VALLS. So, as a favor to París, la ville, not the fellow who Brad Pitt killed… Eye will pin this latest affront on the usual suspects, those COQ Suckers at The Paris Tourism Board. This is to say, Madame Hidalgo, Eye loves you, but your tourism board is bringing Mí down.

Just the facts, Thom.


Thom, youse so French, you probably think this post is about the 🇲🇦 raclette!

— ¡Qué belga!

Hoy no hubo Kerschova. Montmartre es el arrondissement que más odio en un Caracol Bolivariano… de Paname.


Garçon! Áux Armes.

Puro pinche molino rojo y es más fácil exprimir una piedra de Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, en Rungis-sur-Halles

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