Ladies in Gemini… “Let’s get ready to M


Note to editors, please pay no attention to the Portuguese truck driver dere, he’s just a reflection of Flip on the Netflix, I am Sirius, and if you are knot, then Eye guess you are just gonna have to come to Paris, France, to verify this Tale, however, you must say these magik words FO’ist:

It’s a modern Western film

Two, one, too, tree—for
🎶 🌬️ On the road a-gain…


Tale of the tape



— Live from the Hilo Hawaii Memorial Coliseum in Las Vegas-$ur-Sables en décalage. It’s the maiden edition of Thanksgiving night fights, brought to you by “Eeeeeeel JA!Bon! Del ¡Perro AghhhrrrrahhhDecido!

This bout is sanctified by la Maison de la radio and Cadillac Ranch on le boulevard de los Kennedy, and BY the Paris Tourism Board.

Oh, that dere is Bad🧟


La tradicional pelea de Acción de Gracias a sus Mercedes is product of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and la Maison de l’Amérique la tina 🪣³

³~. The Meat Puppets also, or too si vous voulez, did warned all of Ewes that there was “nothing at the top but a BUCKET and a Mop(head)…” and a book with a Black Bird.

The Merchant under the Arc

¡Ay, ShyWaWa! Larry Merchant is at Ringside 🦷

The Stukey kind of bad.


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