La Bamba Italiana… same as it Ever Guas


Well, you’ve HO’id, about El Mambo Italiano… it’s kind’ah like D.A.T., but it’s Knot one of Dos.

Anyhow, Denisas Kerschovas, do you know what a real OperaBuffa is?


1. Bière de Quinoa made by alpacas…

2. Blondies taking selfies at the Arrival Tracks to Arbeit Macht Frei… 🐔

Deer, Denisa, stop projecting, S.V.P..

3~. November 2022… blondies taking selfies in front of madame Hidalgo’s “Paris se souvient” Olympic drapeau.

Bras de fer.

Bras de fer en la máscara de Hier–oh, day-o… Daylight come and we want go home 🌴🥥🍹

This is Ennio Morricone’s long lost arrangement for La Bamba Italiana… de Paname.


Just in time for the arrival of La Guadalupana at Isis temple at The Zero Kilometer of Shakespeare and Vilma Fuentes company, Ronald introduces “las quesadillas” to the bobos in París, —sin Ella.

Dear, Miner Pete… Say hello to your cripple fuck overlord, —you need me on that Wall, but you just KEEP  listening to KLAQ on Mesa Ave., and the Calle Stanton, off-course 🧼 del 🐕💌.

Hilarity ensues when Öüï discovers that Alan García, el mariachi jaranero, not the corrupt Peruvian tlatoani, makes the greatest tortillas de Harina in París, siendo chilango el muy improvisador, no sabía lo que es el queso, pero bien que se deleitaba con el camembert de Franprix™.


In News of The World… for the Memento, the cash-flow to Kiev seems to hold steady, SO EMBARGO, Olena Zelenska de Zelenskyy, please be advised that according to the current president of the Mexican United States, Évery “thing that [SEAN PENN] touches”, turns to SHIT!

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