Ketchin’ up with the Knews, and Eyes wide French

First, did you spill the ketchup on América? Garçon!!! Wipe up from Tijuana to Ushuaia. Listen here, Ewe little Mélenchon cocksucker, are you sure that, “la argentina³” is with Ernesto?

Remojadas y ahora en TecniKolor… and, Paco Ignacio Taibo II, “Toma Tu ShockoLatte”, pinche aspiracionista de los NetFlics.

And you, Ewe little AMLO snake oil salesPerson, don’t just stand there with your thumb up your ass, you are on your way to turn Mexico into a Mussolini military “walk of life”.

Y luego, la « lección nº 159 », intro to Prélimenaries Complicadas with Bob The Plainte 🍃

Deeds and Punishment — Leçon n° 159… Prélimenary


Let’s Play Hardball 🕋

¡Biri biri bahm Bam!


And starring as Manuel “el loco” Valdés, Marist poll enthusiast and unemployed political junkie, Chris MATThews!


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