Public Service Announcement for the RATP

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No good deed goes unpunished

🔥 For the record, i do know the difference between smoke scent. I hope that it is just my imagination, but a fellow passenger came directly at me to inquire if I was smoking!?

The smoke, by-the-way was visible, and spreading from the opposite direction from where the fellow Metro rider was approaching me from 🤨!

Full disclousure, and ( ∵) BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH, yes, i jumped the barrier to ride the train, consider this a Public Service that might save your STATE CORP., a year-worth’s of Tickets To Ride.

When I got off of the wagon, i informed a maintenance worker about the Burned Wire smoke in the train that had just arrived.

The worker told me that it was not (his/her) responsibility to take care of that. 

You can check the CCTV and if I, have happened to HAVE cried WOLF, mea culpa, next time I will keep my mouth shut.

One of your trains at Olympiades en route to Saint Ouen smells of electrical circuit Smoke, it’s the 10:59 long train with USB connectors.

… “No bad deed goes unrewarded »,
especially in France.


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