… and, Purple Pundit, I Ain’t Going AnyGüer, unless you want Mí tú

Hola, guapo… my name is Macario, and La Niña Blanca showed Mí, the Güey 🇵🇪 to your door. You mentioned The Beatles as I climbed the stairs? Sí, i fitted Lennon in a Matchbox as well.

I’m SIRIUS and you’re not.

Our 🎧 audio got shot down, but the speaker is still strong 🎚️, too bad for the fellows next to Mí, but at least it is real, not like that lick-synched guitar next door.

Uñas or plastic, let Mí know… And Eye doesn’t even play guitar.


Note to César: if Antoine is going to play for a crowd, please advice him to stick a double-stick 100-mile an hour tape with extra guitar picks on his ax; that way if he drops the lick, a guy like me might not notice that he is Milli Vanillin’ his way through the set. I know that he can rock, but why he would half-ass the gig is beyond me. 🎸… Issy the Devil is from Georgia… never mind los DETALLES.

https ://happybluesman .com /how-sound-albert-king//

Les Grifees de King… If you have butterfingers, drop the pick (no pun intended) and try playing with your fingers instead.

Also, a WaWa might come in handy on your Sole… I promised the lady in Green (next to me) when you screamed “fuck” at us, that instead of cracking that ax on your head, that I (Armando Segovia) would write ✍🏻 about the “experience” instead… but that’s just ∵ if Eye is going to pound on something it is going to be on drums.

Any questions? Or were you cocksuckers just fucking around?

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