Previously on, GTFO, estábamos hablando de los copetes de Kanye West


But FO’ist, WAKANDA lives en El Instituto de La Radio en Chilangolandia… morena era otra cuestión, no las chingaderas de don Andrés López Obrador en París, Francia… and the sad thing is that the COQ Suckers at RADIO MUSIQUE FRANCE de BFMTV, are having a conversation “around me” but really they are just laughing at a little Mexican, that COULD… choo-choo por tu amoR 💥 🚂

Oyé, “Le FIGaro », if that in fact, is your FLAG, it appears that I can see what your layout monkees plan for weeks, ahead of time; that is to say—i bet France Musique was ready to tag me as an anti-Semite, but I was only showing Ciudad Juárez how your real Algerian-Jew-nazies (Erick Zemmour, from White Lives Matter) roll in this motherfuck.


Aviso a Licha Churches… ¿quieres ser parte de mi mañanera?. No la pienses, unlike other Mexicans in Paris, I can sing “Amorcito Corazón” con la voz, digamos de un pinche INFANTE.

https ://www .businessinsider .com /louis-vuitton-bernard-arnault-sold-private-jet-people-tracking-twitter -2022-10

Croissant 🥐 in Mexican are “cuernitos”… Just The Phacts, ELLI-NOAH… if that’s your real “Wanderlust”, “just the Phacts”, and don’t give Mí, “That good bull-bullshit », ∵ I’m in the High-Fidality Travelin’ section, Eye even sold my Lee-Lear Jet. Trou 🕳️ Phact.


Trou story Licha… my inner-child was trapped by the Préfecture de Paris en Cité, casi esquina con Nuestra Capilla de la señora de Guadalupe en Notre Dame de Parisis, en este pinche-pinchurriento blog, in other words Licha, if there was ever an OMEN, Damian te recomendaría que y yo nos echemos unos tacos de cochinita pibil, o de deshebrada si son del Burro Medallas en El Puente Al Réves de los sueños americanos.

Perfume de Gardenias en Las Bugambilias

Across Mandela’s Park at Les Halles…

If you listen to today’s EARLY EDITION of IMER you are going to hear the CONSTRUCTION of ANTONIO AGUILAR when he opened for THE BEATLES in OUR WORLD in 1967, it’s basically a synthesis of how those “Mexican Tacos” that are so popular in PARIS now, 20 – 30 years ago, los Amigos de México en Francia, when they were kids, would not dare eat that NACO food.

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