“Beggars They? » … GTFO!

Breaking News: Leonardo DiCaprio destroyed the last Octopuses Garden, The EELS are devastated, now they know how many Leo’s it takes to FILL THE ALBERT HALL, —with tentacles. Adrienne ElRod shish kebabed the crustaceans 🦞 with the molluscs 🐙 and the cetaceans 🐬.

Oh… the humanity 🧑🏻‍🍳 🖇️ 🦞🍤🦐🦑🐙 = 🍢


Over at Le Parisien… It’s Viva México, now Get The Fuck Out!

But first, it’s time to delay Mika’s favorite section, “Woman in History over 50”. Today Öüï takes a look at August 14 in Rosbif lore:

1586… Fotheringhay Castle in Northamptonshire.

https ://www .leparisien .fr /societe /les-tournesols-le-tableau-de-van-gogh-asperge-de-soupe-a-la-tomate14-10-2022-45AKSIMZ3BE6PDQC57IZJMTWNE .php

KETCH 🛢️ ⛽ Up!


“En ma fin est mon commencement”

Mary Stuart’s,

 Queen of Scots, cloth of state embroidery 🪡

https ://www .tudorsociety .com /14 -october – 1586 -trial-of-mary-queen-of-scots/

In robin hood: men in tights, Mel Brooks character is being greeted by everyone calling him Abbot. Then some guy says "Hey Ab-bot" in a different way than the others, and brooks says "i HATE that guy". What is the joke here? from NoStupidQuestions

Hey Phat Basterd, “Who’s On FO’ist?”

At the Lou Scarborough and Willie Abbott set, the whitest motherfucker on that table is Republican Muppet and RNC Chair, Michael Steele. BE BLACK MOTHERFUCKER!

Les Black Panthers ne sont pas que un PIZZA 🍕

👊🏿 Eye can’t believe that Andrew Sørsēn (CNBC) is blacker than Ewe, Steele.

Track III, the Threat; 03:50



A Closer Look


AP Lemire, WTF’s Up with that stupid tie on page (wait for it) about the hotels making room for more desirable guests in their AlCoBas?


… across The Atlantic, Jackie Alemany just had a warm fuzzy. You are welcome, se lo ruego, it’s trou 🕳️  Servez-vous, je vous en prie, —BayBee.

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