Deer, RFPP… Pay PHONES are not.


📞 Take mi to 2012 💊https ://www .hollywoodreporter .com /tv /tv-news /kony-2012-jason-russell-breakdown-oprah-377041/

Period, pay PHONES use coins, you fucking babies, not cards. Jesus Christ! Now I know why Juanito Guanabacoa doesn’t store his bullshit on the rfpp site. It’s a good thing that rfpp got organisés before Al Gore invented the interwebs.

“Beau, inspirant et nécessaire”, L’hebdo de 106.3 fm on the Journal de Dimanche… but from another day, ∵ as Évry body knows the dials are loaded.

Osler Amaro 🕺🏽follows, in the mean time… Pedro Castillo 💒… puro motos inteligentes, con fiscalia.

En fin, en Hilo, Hawaii, son las 10 de la Noche y hay Luna llena y corazón contento.

In 🔫 re-cap, cap, cap:

The city lawyer league of Paris, benevolent abogados who provide free legal aid clinics, and sometimes even represent in front of what the sans dents refer to as, le président de la court, or something like that, closed their 10th edition en la explanada of El Ayuntamiento de Paris Centre.

The spectacle

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Dan Rather
Wow. A big tip of the Stetson to Jon Stewart. A master class in the art of a news making interview.

https ://dle .rae .es /espect%C3%A1culo

3. m. Cosa que se ofrece a la vista o a la contemplación intelectual y es capaz de atraer la atención y mover el ánimo infundiéndole deleite, asombro, dolor u otros afectos más o menos vivos o nobles.

Ask Raphaël at Emmaüs, he double-checked the translations and then, Tony, now in charge of the baggage consignments in greater Paris
, took care of the interpretations 🌬️ Roger and the American Priest at Saint Eustache may or may not let me, Armando Segovia, lie 📞

_ is 1º (degree) from Bacon, not the pigs👮🏽 but the Hollywood actor 🎬. With that in mind, I am not commenting ∴ I am giving testimony.

  three years of this 12–year and counting journey were relegated to different aspects of the business that goes in there; and aside from my own personal experience under that tent, es preciso indicar que existe un mar de historias con sus procesos adecuados, y siendo que todo se discute sin privacidad y al oído del prójimo próximo si hay escenarios en donde las cuestiones de jurisprudencia marchan cómo deben de marchar, en mi caso personal, las cosas marcharon cómo cuando Adolfo Hitler tenía el uso exclusivo de la legalidad en París.

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