To The Moon, Denisa… 🤜🏼 To The Moon.

Live, from Madame Hidalgo’s Carte Garden it’s another edition of, Motards en Coladera.

¿Andante, qué?

¿Qué, “que no hay Camino?…

Don’t worry about it, “it’s 1874”, Eye knows a guy. Es Medio renegado, pero sabe “hacer Camino al andar”.

Don “Wardaddy” Collier, he’s a rescue 🐶

… You being, of course, Ate Up!

En fin, Eye already had my poison serum this morning. “🎶 🥵 Hot Chilli Peppers in the blistering Sun”.


I can do this All Day…

Motos encabronadas

Y para muestra, Denisa Kerschova, un Coluche 🛴:⁠-⁠):⁠-⁠):⁠-⁠) (⁠*⁠_⁠*⁠) *⁠\⁠0⁠/⁠* GIVE MÍ AN EM#! 

… [A]ll that glitters is El Dorado.

And Zeppelin… You Know.


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