And, Pablo Neruda… Eye told you that Sonora’s they would come

At the Improv ..

Ladies in Gemini ♊, this is what a moo’s toung muffled looks like en DesCabe-Che.

At the UN… Pablo Neruda shot his wife with what was thought to be a Certified Baldwin prop gun. Details at nine.

But seriously, why Sonora? and why Leonardo DiCaprio? Eye will tell you in a New York Minute with a bloodshot seat on Economy to Hilo, Hawaii.

It’s a new morning in Paris, France, and Primetime in Barack Obama’s backyard, and knot to be outdone by the nuclear draft in Russia, Leonardo DiCaprio said, “Fuck jumping the shark, bring me Moby Dick! »… and Zeppelin, goes here:

Jump from page 06.09.2022. — So a revolution, eh?
Would you like that in 33 1/3, 45, or old-fashion 78 rpm’s? Magnetic Memorex ®️ is knot an option.



Light what up?… You Ain’t got the balls! 🎷

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