Come Together — La Marcha del Golazo Solitario

Hey Bulldog 🇬🇧

🎶 Dirty old river, must you keep rolling
Flowing into the night?…
Waterloo Sunset

Ese’s mi’Amigo El Puma… Sandro d’América

Context follows…

Calaveras y Diablitos

🏄 🎶 Las tumbas son para los muertos Las flores para sentirse bien La vida es para gozarla La vida es para vivirla mejor…

And in La Quinta de La Chingada, the Mexican President and his political cult temporarily re-name the Los Pinos de Chapultepec baseball league in honor of the new King in the Line of George (V) in Paris, France.

La Serie is now 3-3, and now y’all know the real reason why Ozzy moved back to The UK… it’s Symbolic, —off course.

Stanley Kubrick was a fag.

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