Objective “Donjon”… Holy fuck! There’s a dolphin squelettes

La flechè shows TROU North:

Told y’all that DiCaprio was killing the Vaquita de Mar, the fucker is also responsible for THE MEC IN THE IRON MASK AT MONTMARTRE.

In local news, Juanito Guanavacoa moved to Roma, and over at objective “Donjon” the Pata de Perro Scout  Δ 🖤  just breached the Southern wall of the “Dungeon” at Vincennes.

Upon entry, SSG Pata de Perro reported a pile of squeletons near the latrines, there’s a rotting Beluga Carcass nearby. The objective in case our non-readers are wondering is Nicolas Fouquet, whom by the way (in 2022) is still slandered by MGMT at the Historical Society of Vincennes as embezzler of The King’s Finances. Just the facts, Mother Superior! Just the facts!!!

But, WAIT, HOLY FUCK, there’s a degenerate masturbating at the first cell of the DonJon, fellow says that he is just expressing his philosophical justifications for the music of Sade, the perp claims that it’s not his fault that Leonardo DiCaprio’s court is uptight and interprets the first DRAFT of JUSTINE, as pornographic.

Of course, MGMT at the Vincennes Historical Society will not tell you about the ULTIRIOR motives behind M. Fouquet’s arrest by that cock sucking Russian, Gérard Depardieu (D’Artagnan ⚜️) coffee from The Southern Hemisphere. And apparently Shitty canvas advertisement from Terres Rouges in Paris, 2022.

And, Son of a BITCH!!! Next to Donatello de Sade, who claims to be some kind of marquis, is this motherfucker who was fucking la Madame de Pompadour (Diderot) and next to that coq Sucker is some asshole who conspired to bring down Pompadour… whom by-the-way Évry body knew her, as Poisson or Pisces ♓

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