Indeed, my good Sir, “The Cisco Kid” waved a Cuban flag

But FO’ist, it’s Suicide Design Week in Paris, Texas, with the Reverend Al Sharpton… bet y’all didn’t know that the good Reverend is an Ozzy Osbourne fan. Blame it on Mika Brzezinski and her obsession with The Osbournes on FOX. The Nantucket blonde got The Good Reverend on the right path of The Word of God(ard).

Their Satanic Majesty Request, a nice pillow for The Eternity. Our apologies for the Labyrinth dorso of The Stones, Jean–Piedra Melville, does not STOCK any of that Godard brew in his pantry.

Öüï now return to our Mel B² programming

¡Badges‽ Öüï don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

Now you might think that the parafernalia of the desperado next to El Alacrán is out of synch with the efemérides for TúMorreau en el Equinoxio de Balard, but then you probably learned about Low 🕶️ Riders via Calexico y las tangas de Princesse Tam-Tam en Montparnasse, not from los herederos del Río Frío.

La Friducha Mochilera follows:

Machete Amellado is a fag

With musical guest:
Serenata en Antares y los escorpiones del huizache

… meanwhile, back at the ranch, Juanito Guanabacoa from the “commies” front at Buttes de la Puebla, and Laurent Le Bon from the department [of] culture and creation at the Beaubourg, established a line of communication with “El Chavo del 8”, an arrogant basterd from El Rio Frío en Veracruz.

Across the riverwalk at the Madrigal guarida in Houston, a new muffin was being concocted by our favorite Tcheck en la casserole 🥘 de las Sevillanas…

🥕… Eh, watcha’ cooking, Doc?

So, back to them Stin’ Kin badges, la Famille Guigui (Agustín, AUguStine, René, and Gaston) will not let Mí lie, for some reason, don Porfi’s pillow doesn’t have the traditional “Today’s is your 🇲🇽 Birthday flag” on your front. Plenty of “paisas” though! And I, Armando Serrano-Prieto swear in the wasted name of God(ard), that even un gato de la embajada estaba allí³

Waning Gibbous over Parador.

In this episode of Friducha “la mochilera”, Frida Kahlo shows U.S. what her clitoris looks like, but you have to make your GÜEY go through Her Satanic Majesty’s Laberinto.


https ://www .eluniversal .com .mx/estados /en-nayarit-modifican-la-bandera-de-mexico-con-colores-de-morena-gobernador-ofrece-disculpa

Knot pizza d’hoy

M B²~. This element is the fusion of two Mel’s, Blanc and Brooks. Lorem Ipsum Torquemada y los Bandidos.

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