Esa es mi frasco de galletitas, dijo Felipe de España

… Y en Galicia, (¡ZA!)
En Barcelona, (¡ZA!)
En Oviedo, (Za, Za, Za!…

Well, Eye never… Here’s your Guacamole, India:

It’s my cookie jar. Ok

These are my Credentials… I am a Rodeo Clown 🤠 but Eye swears, the use of this matriculation has nothing to do with what French Youths are doing right now…

And, Elise Jordan… What’s up with Mika scarf, did she Twa’ a Puddy Twat?


https ://www .geo .fr /histoire /une-epave-espagnole-et-son-tresor-retrouves-350-ans-apres-au-large-des-bahamas -211143


Rich people think different


Crudité not included…


Little Miss Is Ippi… And starring as Jeffrey Sachs, Joe “yeah, they are going to have to justify the Spas and the Massages after the game WITH A REAL CONTENDER… fucking Mantas.

In other news, el proceso de México dice que el Opus Dei es más de Izquierda que Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Any how Alex Wagner, I (Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto) will join (in-full) your hour-long 4-They-a-week programming when MSNBC treats you like an ADULT and allows you to have your own CIRCUS 🎪 animal handlers, and not the recycled AIR AMERICA cushion-research pirates 🦜, period!

Musical Guests:
Steely Dan – Aja

Live from the rue des RIGOLES, XX arrondissement in Paris, France:

It’s SHOWER 🚿😜 Day
With NOFX… after the ducha,
it’s AUX Champs Élysées.

le mando, le mando — le mando a La Niña, a La Pinta y luego, si se porta bien, a la más puta de La Casa, La Santa María.


Aurelio Ángel Baldor de la Vega

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