Previously on, Geraldo Rivera has pinole in his pie-hole

The weather crowd

And starring as Monster Is A Problem

And starring as Monster Is A Problem: madafakin’ Judge Ferris Pirro, with special creature from the sewers of Menlo Park, California, Greg “GinGrich” Gutfeld… Donna Perino stars without irony, as the damsel in distress tied to a San Francisco Bar foot rest.

Pinole puffer

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Pinole

Ladies in Gemini, hear ye! Hear ye!


By the power vested in this blog by the Honorable Jeanine Ferris Pirro’s court(yard), Öüï is happy to relay that FOX News pundit Geraldo Rivera is not a homosexual, Öüï repeats; Geraldo Rivera is knot a homosexual.

A special investigatory commission found that the reason for mister Rivera’s failure to “whistle while he worked” was on account of the pinole de maíz that he keeps under his upper lip for the explicit purpose of keeping a fertilizing agent for those ridiculously implanted brush hairs on his face.

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