I’m the Harp to your Bleue Vaches-eses

And, Judge Pirro, is it true that you are a vag’et-erian? By the way, what’s for dinner on The Five? I know that in London, and in all of California, Piers Morgan is the most pathetic version of Lindsey Graham in both of the Carolinas, the Virginias, and off-course The Empire.

And here is why, the reason why Piers Morgan can afford to have a mansion (somewhere in California, and not in TEXAS) is because he is a NAZI lovin’ cunt willing to make the silly love zingers for the post-MAGA tourists, por ejemplo, güera, you like that Cessna landing? You should check out the wild Fires next to Piers’ California chalet.

And now, “The Rest of The Story”… Hey, Donna. DONNA! That 9-Foot statue out on the park is the “Adam” to that lonely 9-FOOT floozy statue, which I trust that your fickle fox frame should remember that it disembarked a year ago, at New York Harbor —arriving from France.

https ://www .nbcnewyork .com /news /statue-of-libertys-9-foot-little-sister-arrives-in-nyc /3134344/

9-Foot Monkeypox from Europa follows. Sponsored by Sodexo.

Intermission entre EFEmérides… a year ago, (ma’Omenos) the original model of Lady Liberty landed in New York, Gran Manzana, and El Malecón en Cuba got all giddy.

But never mind the forest fire and Friends on FOX, if you believe that the Trump administration was ‘BIG and STRONG’ because N° 45 pushed his Montenegro counterpart to the side during a screening of, Europa, is it even worth it anymore? Then i have a little matchbox collection for sale. And if you call now you also get a steaming dump of Piers Morgan crap for your mail-delivered TOP CUT beef from Montana.

El gato volador went down in a Bodega, sponsored by GOYA Sazón… Followed by General Flynn takes the Fifth on The Five.

Buy me some peanuts and crack Jacques nuts. A knew chapter on thee spiel of The White House tourist mob.

And still to come on the Morjo Show, Jacqueline Alemany gets evicted from her kitchen-Aid studio in WaWa Land.


Water Ways

And as that dish stews, the menu at Mika’s Nantucket Cabana is serving Dog Tounges for lunch, y la lengua is delicious … and the Gene Simmons sauce… 💋👅 is extra ★ 🐱.


The 7th Inning Stretch

… if Ceylon was Trump’s White House…

Still to come, The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka makes a cameo on the Jan. 6 hearings in WaWa LAnd… here’s the Playbook on That Warm Gun in New York, Big Apple.

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