Suck on it… Sponsored by French’s Suckers

Qui Ki Ri Ki!

Strauss is a nepotist chord.

El Gallito Inglés en Francés:

Sponsored by Phal Industries… You’re Such a fag you don’t need to go to SciencesPo. Fashion Week follows.

But FO’ist!!!

CSPAN… when all of your morning shows are on, C-SPAN is conducting the BDSM* sessions with the callers of a place called, America.

Gonna take a shower now, and maybe, just maybe! Squeeze out a whale… ‘member now, Jonah is not a fucking Algerian on this blog, JOnah is customer at Monoprix®️.

Laugh about, IT.
Talk about, IT.
… and then go fuck Youssef !

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