Well, will you look at the Stoke on that Hoe

Le Beaubourg_ 19h in CET. Steve Bannon has a captive audience of French Collaborators at the -1 floor of The Pompidou. There’s a bear 🧸 on the logo, so this can only mean that Yellow Ribbon motherfucker is near-by, and probably ManBearPig doing the wingman thing on the Banzaii freq’s of Radio France 🇯🇵…

Chaka – Chaka ☢️

Here’s the log on that f(x):

If the Spics get in then the Japs can crash with Aussie.

If the King of Spain is invited to the Backyard Cumbres en la Colonia Yankee, Then Japan, being the founding fathers of El Perú, deserve a plate of Sushi 🍣 in El Ey, ese.

Puras Pinches Viejas Feas

³~. Our apologies to The Atlantic… Steve Bannon is in fact, Rasputin. Stay tuned for details, in Hilo, Hawaii, where it’s the 12-hour countdown to CaWabunga 🏄 with Tulsi Gabbard.

Updated on Saturday, June 11th of 2022. Tulsi could care less.

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