Don’t call it wine, it’s Jesus Juice… And that is not your classmate’s blood*

* That is Contrast Dye.

Damn right it’s not available in France, full disclosure, it is not my country, but TEXAS wants you anyway.

And you never, ever—EVER! Talk about it with Fox and Friends, especially when Judge Pirro the Ferris Wheel is having her cake.

And, Judge Pirro, do you like Beer?

Hey Tulsi, sorry if I mispelled your nomenclature, tell you what… review the Fifth Episode, Eye will wear the HOMELANDER suit and you may wear the SS Pole Dancer uniform. For the kids, off-course.

… and, Tulsi, you are the Exception to the Ruhle, I AM SIRIUS, you have a voice for Radio and the Fasces of a fox.

… did the guy with the buddyfucker yellow ribbon wanted to talk Third Reich, or is that son of a bitch just trying to impress Long Dong Silver on the same Episode Five of The Boys?

And yellow ribbon guy, I am El Gran Señor Zopilote, but you wouldn’t understand, Mel Gibson might, but you, you only understand NFL Indian Reservation logos…

In Washington, the National Rifle Association just agreed to start a 4-They killing spree. The deal, written in Collaboration with Peta also call for a three-day “praire dog” extermination, to ensure that HAPPINESS, keeps a gun, —warm.

And Judge Pirro, did you get the ice cream, Eye understand that the FOX Studio toilets have that sprinkler system to ensure that no brownouts collide with yellow ribboned guy’s Skidmarks.

Sweet Emotion, follows. So which one is it, Tulsi, are you Polar or Sexual? Anyhow, Eye knows what time it is in Hilo, Hawaii—just like Eye knows that Ewe do Aussi.

Greg fucks bears 🐻

And, Judge Pirro, did you know that Hilo 🌧️ is the polar opposite from Honolulu 🌅?  Where are you with your Sexual Healing moves? Old School or 4-day work–in–shorts week?

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