Bobby ‘la pinta’ présents: La maman des poissons

Over at France Musique, Helena Noguerra is the biggest OxYmoRRon for Paris, —in Troya. And here is why, Godfather:


She’s got a thing for ‘intellectuals’, and wears a fucking ‘tiara’, la femme de ménage told me so… Öüï had some frijoles with her over at some Fado-themed brasserie. The words below are hers and knot 🪢 ours 🐻.

La hija de Ricky Gervais at 91.7 FM just dished out a new pizza 🍕… that cunt had the Gall, France!!! The Gall to name each slice « La Canaille » in honor of that Rome lover, Boris “the teflon” PM.


GO’ill de Niza… Ewe knows it’s Trou 🕳️, ask Alicia Leo’s mom at LA MAL217 rue de Saint-Germain-des-Près (os).

I’m Sirius, and you are not.

Ice — Eyes — Bay Bee… Under pressure.

But first, a France Culture Public Service Announcement:

SAMU 115

The above is based on a true exchange. The people’s names have been changed to protect the Establishment and off-course, BFM TV and the place where Évry body knows your name.
For the Record, “115” on the French telephone system (SFR) is a social service established in French metropolitan areas to mitigate homelessness. Silverspoon fed survivors such as trust-fund pundit, Tucker Carlson, and trailer trash wannabe, Kid Rock, only have one number in “America” sin acento to relate to this experience, and you all know that 911 is a joke in Yo’towns.


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