Baños de pueblo : bitch, Eye is a bus!

False Pentecôte con Teramisu

The Birth of nEws.

Musical guest: Champagne Supernova followed by JomBoy’s Breakdown at the San Dimas Spaghetti Bowl… Take Mi, down to The Paradise City next to Lincoln Heights, —Eye has a friend there, bring the pastrami sub.

https: //old .reddit .com /r /videos /comments /v4save /yanks_figure_out_pitcher_is_tipping_his_pitches_a/

… A friend of Richard Ramirez is a friend of mine, but that little wannabe in Uvalde is not in the club because if you are going to massacre something, you have to make it into a mental game (will this riddle work, Avi Velshi?) otherwise you are just “ordinary”.


Across the Hudson, Michael’s Score Card Sí Sé, is of course, “funny, like a…”, anyone, Scorseese? Across The Hudson, Michael Score Card Sí Sé, is of course ’funny, like a …» ? Said the man and his wife hanging from a meat hook 🪝.

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