The Thing about the French

They are ALL!

A bunch of fags…

Berlin at the Pompidou… Or something like that, Éric Dutilh. A horse, —a horse! Charles is going to barbecue that stallion as soon as Elizabeth is gone.

And, Mike Barnacle… We’ll always have Lafayette.

One would think, ahhh! Never Mind. If only the Paris Tourism Board had the Imagination.

Anyhow, it was the saddest thing one could ever witness at the old Agriculture University in the Central Park of Samalayuca’s paved dunes… if only MODESTO had had access to an AR-style weapon of war to shoot every last one of the motherfuckers that kept him there. May he rest in peace, and I hope that the mayor there don’t allow Teto to add MODESTO TO the exotic carcassES in his Africa collection.



Queen Elizabeth’s hang out.

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