“¡No me falte usted al Respeto… yo soy el acusado!”

And starring as CANTINFLAS:

Johnny Depp.

In Local news, SANDnigg… Shut jo’Mouth!

“I’m talking about Shaft!”

Still to come on HoBO TV channel 8: Sandniggers, the best of both words… followed by Led ZEPPELIN and Allegretto’s “CONfounded Bridge” on France Musique.

Because just-In-time for the the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Johnny Depp landed in Great Britain to clear his love~sheets 💩… con información de “Les diaboliques », in Le Point nº 2599 via, les “conflit d’intérêts » at El “llamado” Combat de La Razón en un tal FRANC TIREUR, nº 29.

“IT’S A FESTEVUS MIRACLE!!! », The French Republic, finally, —invented conflicts of interest.

And as the ghost of a little 4 year-old, Armando Serrano-Prieto, I, Armando Segovia can attest that Edward Scissorshands is an inspiration to the New York Attorney General, Letitia Ann “Tish” James.

Mi – Tú


Évry güer@

Mirror mirror in Algiers… who is fairest of #beMol




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