And in EUkraINe, Zilinski said, “Fuck It, Eye is going AWOL »

In fact I HAVE TWO!
That’s ok, man ‘cus I Love God.

Pearl Jam

To serve and protect” is as Legit, as John Wayne is to WAR MOVIES. The paraphernalia looks really cool though, glorified “G.I. Joe’s” with no Backbone and a NAZI-like, Brownshirt glorified union sponsored by the NATIONAL Rifle Association.

Why The Cops Won’t Help You
When You’re Getting Stabbed

https ://youtube .com /watch?v =jAfUI_hETy0&feature =youtu .be

I am sorry that you think that the Police has an obligation to protect you, or your precious little children. It’s not their job.

Who would have Think 🤔, IT!

∆°π√✓!!! The Police 👮🤠…👈🏾 these ‘heros’, depicted on this paragraph here with ‘monitos’  have only one job, and that is of course, as every POLITICIAN, or judge, or high-ranking fonctionnaire, or ∴ mason ∴ fellow from The Cadet(es) Lounge at the Lodge know, THE POLICE ONLY JOB IS TO FILL IN “the BULL….” on the dotted line of THE PROTOCOL.

This fucking tournament needs a Bullfight… stand-by for bullpen ⚾🥎🏀⚽

If only the Paris, Texas Tourism Board had the Imagination.

THAT’S NO GÜEY, to lead a country! Zilinski, if that is even your real name!

Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, president of The Ukraine is a Champions fan.

Nothing is going to change my GUNS!!!
It’s like Warm Happiness 😊 💀

“It takes two to make it outta sight Hit it! »… Because, motherfucker, you (of all El PASOANS) know what the Texas Department of Public Safety is.

… Frank Zappa was a fag.

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